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artist mike Heseltine

"I feel I am making progress when the process of drawing presents me with new and unexpected thoughts. My ambition is to be the change I wish to see in the world."

Mike is a full time artist, spending his time between rural Perthshire and a remote uninhabited island on the west coast of Scotland.

Mike Heseltine b.1961
Educated: Berkshire College of Art & Design UK

Exhibitions include one man shows at:
Mall Galleries, London
New Academy Gallery, London
Cadogan Gallery, London
Bulstrode Gallery, London
Group shows at:Churzee Gallery, London
Medici Gallery. London
Tyron & Moorland Gallery, London
Andrew Whitehouse paintings


Past experience has made me realise that when I try and paint to impress, the painting is a premeditated collection of techniques with little substance. It is inspired by observing what I think people will like and thus rooted in thoughts of the past rather than true presence. It is always ultimately unsatisfying, even if the picture sells. However, a painting created with no thought of commercialism, has an honesty and energy inspired by the painter being present in the moment. The process is not shackled by thoughts of what people will think of it nor any concern for the end product. The painting becomes just a vehicle for exploring ones presence, with the subject being the catalyst. The irony is, that such a process will result in a picture that is much more interesting and connects with more people. It is also deeply satisfying. I think it is because if a painting is created as a means to explore your world, it captures the same magic that we experience when we are totally present.

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“All artists, whether they know it or not create from a place of inner stillness, a place of no mind.”
Eckhart Tolle, Stillness Speaks

To view the paintings please click here: Chapter 1

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