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The Cathedral is stillness, which I become part of.

Stillness in Chichester Cathedral

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The window is a gateway to a place within us. A place of stillness. This painting is of the Joan de Vere tomb in Chichester Cathedral. The restful pose, depicts a stillness that connects us all. The hands in prayer suggest an acceptance of what is, without needing to understand. The face is calm, untroubled by thoughts. It is comforting in it's peacefulness, while outside are the chaotic figures of everyday life. The light pours in from the large stained glass window. The light, containing no words or form, enables us to see the stillness within. The patterns in the window are also on the tomb, linking the stillness found in both. - Mike Heseltine

Sketches and studies.

Stillness in the Cathedral

blue paint of stillness

Ink sketch with acrylic paint.

Joan de Vere tomb in Chichester Cathedral.

Ink sketch with acrylic paint.


Ink drawing for Stillness.

Stillness in Chichester