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Finding Stillness in Chichester Cathedral



"We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness." - Thich Nhat Hanh

Cathedrals have a stillness, despite the movement of people. I find he stillness calms the mind, like meditation, letting go of our thoughts. This drawing is of the Joan de Vere tomb in Chichester Cathedral. The restful pose, depicts the ultimate stillness that we will experience. It is comforting in it's peacefulness, while outside there is the chatter and anxiety of everyday life.

The light poured in from the large stained glass window. It beckoned us with its warmth. The features on the face of the tomb, like the individual within, had faded. The more I lost myself in the tomb, the more peaceful I felt. The illusion of separateness, from the tomb, the light and everything around me, became less.

Ink & charcoal painting on paper.

Ink & charcoal painting on paper 2

Ink on paper sketch.

Black and White sketch - Chichester Cathedral, Joan De Vere de Warrene tomb

Romantic style pen and ink drawing.

Sketch using ink wash and charcoal pencil on paper.

Sketch - Chichester Cathedral, Joan De Vere de Warrene tomb

Sketch - Charcoal, ink on paper in Surrealism style.

Sketch - Charcoal drawing.

Sketch - Pencil and charcoal pencil drawing.

Pen and ink wash with charcoal drawing.