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Love is Non Attachment

Love is non attachment - holiday card
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Printed on the inside of the card:

"Most of my relationships have been founded upon attachments. Attachment to a fashion, a persons status or perhaps their image. All these reasons are subject to impermanence and when they change, the relationship also becomes impermanent. I have since experienced a relationship based purely on love from within. Like the love for a child, the relationship becomes unconditional. The love returned, is reflected love. There is no dependency upon anything external. The painting depicts the process of letting go of any attachments. In a tear drop, I let go of all my attachments. A process that makes the person I love feel free. With the sun and the moon depicted together, the love is not subject to impermanence or change. It is timeless."

The original was painted using charcoal and acrylic on handmade paper. It is approx 12" high and 7" wide.

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