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We are all connected

connected ink drawing

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Sitting in Durham Cathedral. Spirits walk towards the light, circling like a clock. A continuous pattern of repeating lives. Like a mantra, the window is a gateway to awaken us from our illusion of separateness. All connected by the centre. Beyond the window only light. No form, no thought, no separation.

There is a round stained glass window in Durham Cathedral which I find very special. The patterns and rhythms of the stonework echo the rhythms we experience in our lives. The clock like structure reminds me of the rhythms of the sun, the moon and the seasons. The constant flow of life, death and impermanence is represented by the repetition of the patterns. Like a mantra, the window is a gateway. In the light beyond the window, there is no form to identify and thus no thoughts. Beyond the window, we awaken from our illusion of separateness. While I sat and drew, visitors in the cathedral walked slowly up the aisle towards the light. It was as if their spirits were making a journey to the window and beyond, where they all become one. - Mike Heseltine

Sketches and drawings....

connected ink drawing

Ink and charcoal drawing on paper.

we are all connected ink drawing

Study for 'We are all connected' painting on handmade paper.

acrylic zen ink drawing

Drawing in charcoal with blue ink.