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The lunatic is standing on the grass.
Mike Heseltine


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Inspired by the song Brain Damage on the Pink Floyd album 'The dark side of the moon'. It is reported that Roger Waters wrote the lyrics after seeing a sign saying 'Keep off the grass' in a London park. He felt all these rules and regulations inhibit society and especially creativity. Most of us stay on the path, while some break the rules and venture onto the grass. Those that do are often labelled as 'lunatic' for not conforming, however, people who are 'different' can be valuable contributors to society. The question is raised as to who is insane, those who obey so many rules or those that ignore them? The reference to being on the dark side of the moon may be referring to the fact that when a space craft goes behind the moon, it is no longer within contact. It is also reported that Roger Waters was referring to the mental problems another band member, Syd Bassett, was experiencing and how Syd was in many ways 'out of contact'.