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Illusion of self

Limited Edition signed print available.



Limited Edition Prints available - Please click here
A limited edition print from a run of only 100 on acid free water colour paper. The price is $200 including postage and packing ( approx £175 ). The prints are handled by

A drawing following on from reading Thich Nhat Hanh's wonderful observation that if we look into the palm of our hand, we can see all our ancestors. We inherit our form from all the lives that proceeded us. Every action and decision they made, over thousands of years, contributed to making us as who we are. Likewise, every action and decision we make, will determine the future. The idea that we are all connected and that all our actions effect everything is very powerful. We can imagine that our actions are less important or insignificant compared to world leaders or other public figures. However, we may turn right instead of left and in doing so, change the world.