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Everything is Connected.
Limited Edition Framed Print by Mike Heseltine


A Limited Edition framed & signed print produced on A3 40 gms hand made paper (image size is 30cm by 22.5cm). Each print is signed by the artist and the print run is limited to 1000.

The natural oak frame is specially chosen by the artist, with a deep mount.

This charcoal drawing was inspired when an owl hovered above me one summer evening in Scotland. I not only felt a connection with the owl, but by focusing on that moment and being fully present, I felt a connection with everything. This often seems to happen when we encounter a wild animal. For a brief moment, you connect and experience a new awareness. A door is opened to the realisation that we are all inter dependent. The experience reminded me of the Buddhist belief that everything is connected.

"Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else" Leonardo Da Vinci

"This shift of the configuration of the electrons inside the diamond has consequences, because the sum total of all the electrons of the universe must respect Pauli. Therefore, every electron around every atom in the universe must be shifting as I heat the diamond up, to make sure that none of them end up in the same energy level. When I heat this diamond up, all the electrons in the universe instantly but imperceptibly change their energy levels. So everything is connected to everything else." Brian Cox

Print only is £75 including postage & packaging.

Please select framed or unframed:

• Outer frame size is 49cm by 43cm.

• Image size is 30cm by 22.5cm.

• The artist has written in pencil the title of the print, his signature and the number of each unique edition.

• Stunning oak frame included in sale

• Secure and safe Payment via PayPal.

• Packaging - The limited edition prints and frame is a large package that will need to be received in person.

• Order Processing will be done within 2-5 business days. Delivery by post from the UK will take 2 - 10 days depending on destination and the availability of frames.

• We will give you a refund or a replacement for purchased items you are not satisfied with and are returned to us. In the remote event that your package is lost or damaged upon arrival, please contact:

"Zen pretty much comes down to three things.....

everything changes, everything is connected, pay attention."

Jane Hirshfield

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