I have spent the last few years fascinated by Koans, Zen Buddhism and collecting Buddhist books. Many Koans and Zen quotations seem, at first, pointless. However, they have a habit of drifting back into your mind and forcing you to think in a new way. I have learnt to stop trying to make sense of them and now allow them to be formless and not deeply analytical. I just meditate upon them without engaging logic. This has led me to start using them as a starting point for drawing. They spark a memory of a mood or experience that has happened to me. I realise I should not be influencing anyone's response to a Koan, but maybe my drawings, combined with the Koans or Zen stories, can be a catalyst for thought.

Mike Heseltine

Koans that inspired the book:

The Delicious Strawberry Koan
Witness your thoughts
The Moon Cannot be Stolen Koan
Cup of Tea Koan
The Giver Should be Thankful

Please download a pdf of recent paintings:

On a small Scottish island

Waiting for the Sea Eagle

Letting Go

Owl hovering
owl zen painting

Zen Sea Eagle
Zen eagle

Possessions can own us
The moon cannot be stolen

An Owl Hovered above Us
Tiger and strawberry buddhist story

The Giver should be Grateful
giver should be thankfull

Witness your Thoughts
witness your thoughts buddhism